Holistic Massage for Women

                      Holistic Massage

Many people are perplexed by what the term holistic really means when accompanied by massage. As a trained holistic massage therapist my aim is to reconnect you to your body in all of its amazing uniqueness.

Holistic simply means addressing you as a whole; mind, body and spirit. However, there is nothing simple about this as we are all complex individuals with our own complicated life experiences that have shaped us both positively and negatively. 

Through touch I strive to reconnect you to your body and give you a sense of yourself that may have become disconnected through the pressures of life and ever present stresses. 

We should all regularly indulge in massage to enhance our unique beauty. We are all perfect in our own way and regular hands on touch helps to give us precious time back for our mental and physical well being .

My massages are very much guided by you. I use various techniques to relax you or enliven your body. I can work on areas of tension in your body and bring you physical and emotional harmony.

Through Trigger Points I can stimulate your body into releasing long held tension and stress and this can all be soothed away with my no hands techniques.

I bring my own life skills and experiences to my massages and you will be bringing your amazing uniqueness to me, so together we will work on discovering a deeper sense of well being through the power of touch.

I am a member of the Federation of Holistic therapists and ITEC trained in massage.


1 Hour Massage Treatment £40

*Gift Vouchers Available*