Changes to working practices

Corona Virus has left it's mark on all of us to varying degrees. I have had to make changes in keeping with government advice and that of the FHT and my insurers in order to practice safely. Most importantly I want you to know that I am doing my utmost to keep you and my family safe during this time.

The FHT ask that those clients who are in the High (over 70 years old with added health problems or younger age groups with serious health problems) and Medium risk groups (over 70 years old but fit and well) seek approval from their GP practices before coming back for treatments.

I will also be contacting you the day before your treatment to ensure that you don't have any symptoms of Corona virus or are self isolating due to exposure to the virus. If you have had the virus you will need to ask your GP practice to approve you coming for a treatment.

I will also need to seek your permission to pass your details onto the Test and Trace scheme run by the NHS should you become unwell after having a treatment here at Blueberry Hill. This will ensure that the virus is contained and ultimately help us all to stay safe.

The FHT state that all treatments are to be kept to a maximum of 1 hour to reduce potential risks. Additionally all facial treatments are to be avoided until the government and/or FHT state otherwise.

The government have now implemented the wearing of face masks whilst having any kind of holistic treatment. This will become mandatory from 8th August 2020 unless you have respiratory/health issues that  make this too difficult. 

The bathroom facilities at Blueberry Hill will only be available in an emergency in accordance with other health and dental premises during this crisis. If you do need to use the facilities there will be liquid soap, hand sanitiser and separate hand towels and laundry bin for their disposal. A full clean will be carried out both prior to and after using the bathroom.

Please bring your own bottle of water for hydration immediately after your treatment.

To minimise risk and to accommodate the additional hygiene requirements I will be keeping my daily treatments to a maximum of 3 clients a day in these early days.

What to expect when you come for a treatment

Please wait in your car until I open the front door and welcome you in - this will prevent you touching door handles etc. Only one person to come in at any one time.

I will ask you to sanitise your hands on coming in - I will wear a face visor to greet you.

I will open and close the door of the treatment room to prevent you touching the door handles on arrival.

All soft furnishings on the massage couch will be removed and washed between clients as per standard practice. The massage couch and any accessories, including bolsters, face hole and arm supports will be deep cleaned between clients. I will also change my uniform between clients to minimise risk.

The treatment will be kept as low risk as possible , and I will wear my visor when clients are lying face up on the massage couch. 

Once your treatment is over I will ask you to get dressed and use the hand sanitiser by the door prior to leaving the room. 

Payment: I accept cash on the day of treatment or bank transfer prior to your treatment.

I will wear my face visor when saying goodbye to you in order to maintain safety as much as possible.

Cleaning and Hygiene to ensure your ​safety

For your safety and my peace of mind I am ensuring that all things therapeutic in addition to the route to and from the therapy room are as clean and safe as possible.

Hot soapy water will be used to wash the hard surfaces of the sideboards/cabinets and the massage couch, face cushion, bolsters and arm holders/rests between clients. This will then be followed by a deep clean of disinfectant (FHT cleaning guidelines).

All door handles potentially used by members of the public to be cleaned between clients - (Front door, Treatment room door and bathroom door).

All soft furnishings from massage couch removed between clients and placed into a separate lidded laundry bin (kept outside of the treatment room).

Massage bowls and measuring implements to be deep cleaned after each client.

Any pens used by clients or myself to be cleaned before and after use.

Payment terminal cleaned between clients. Cash cleaned and hands washed after receiving.

Face visor cleaned between each client.

My hands before and after a new client and prior to each treatment given.

Window of therapy room opened between each client to air the space.

My therapy clothing changed between each client.

Bathroom to be used by clients in urgent situations only

Toilet and basin cleaned between clients. Separate towels for each client to wash their hands (to go in a separate small laundry bin). Pump hand soap only to be used.

Hand sanitiser in bathroom. Door handles to be cleaned before and after each client uses the bathroom.

All massage sheets, blankets and cushion covers to be washed at the hottest temperature with disinfectant.