Cancer and Massage

Massage is a way to make the cancer treatment process more tolerable, it is not a cure for cancer.

It was always taught within the scope of complementary medicine, that receiving a massage whilst suffering from cancer had the potential to spread cancerous cells around the body. It was therefore treated as a total contraindication for massage. 

This has since been researched extensively and deemed to be incorrect, however there are safety proviso's on how a massage should be given. This is largely dependent on where the cancer is in the body, the medical interventions performed and where the person is on their western medical journey.

How can massage and aromatherapy benefit someone living with cancer?

Western medical oncology treatments may well cure cancers or keep them at bay, but massage and aromatic oils truly help people connect with healing.

Massage can help with cancer related pain and anxiety alongside western medication. Aromatherapy essential oils combined with a gentle massage can help to ease the burden of a cancer diagnosis. 

Nausea can be reduced with aromatic oils such as Mandarin added to an organic base oil and applied gently to the feet or hands. Or essential oils such as ginger or peppermint soaked onto an aromastick can be sniffed to ease nauseous symptoms. 

A gentle massage can help to alleviate fatigue in order for you to achieve day to day tasks. Fatigue may be due to a lack of restful sleep, treatment side effects and/or anxiety. Aromatherapy oils and therapeutic touch can deeply relax you and certainly encourage and enhance sleep. Aromatic oils such as Frankincense have amazing properties that reduce anxiety and encourage deeper breathing.

Immune function has also been shown to improve through massage. Certain essential oils such as, Rosewood and Frankincense have been studied and found to boost the immune system. These all combine to improve overall quality of life when experiencing such a life changing diagnosis.

 A sensitive, caring and specialised oncology massage has the ability to positively change lives. Not only does it reconnect mind and body like never before, it also has the added bonus of making the hearts of all those affected soar.

Massage adjustments for people with cancer

There are some adjustments that must be made for anyone with cancer and also for some who have survived cancer.

For example, the thought of climbing onto a massage couch and lying down when you find this too uncomfortable or you are in pain or have medical devices in place may be too much. The comfort of pillows is a necessity when receiving your massage, especially if you have discomfort or surgical scars/pain. Therefore, oncology massage is very much guided by you and what you can cope with physically and mentally.

Massaging you on your side or in a seated position may be what is required, or just massaging one part of your body such as your feet and legs or hands and arms. The direction of touch is also adjusted to accommodate the loss of any lymph nodes to prevent further health problems in the future.

 I understand just how difficult it can be to travel to medical appointments let alone for a massage, so arrangements can be made for me to travel to you.

Oncology massage is all about getting the balance right to benefit you both physically and mentally. 

Pressure of the massage

The pressure of the massage strokes must match your general energy levels in order to create a comfortable session.

If you are undergoing cancer treatment then you and your body don't need the added stress that comes with a deep and/or lively massage treatment. This type of massage will stimulate the sympathetic nervous system, raising your heart rate and blood pressure and depressing your gastrointestinal system.

A demanding massage can overwhelm the systems involved in detoxification, which are already under tremendous stress from having had chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy treatments. 

To book an oncology massage or aromatherapy treatment at Blueberry Hill Therapeutics

Please feel free to call me and discuss any concerns regarding your health and a potential oncology massage or aromatherapy treatment.

Agreement will need to be sought from your oncologist or GP with your consent, prior to treatment commencing.

An additional health questionnaire will need to be completed by you to ensure that all safety measures are adhered to when receiving your treatment.


Oncology Massage/Aromatherapy treatments at Blueberry Hill Therapeutics 1 hour £40 or £25 for 30 minutes.

If travelling to you then 1 hour minimum treatment available only 

(plus a small charge for travel within 10 mile radius).

*Gift Vouchers Available*