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Embracing our inner Wisdom as we age

26th October  2021

The cult of youth has been very much a part of our society for generations. This has brought with it a sense of dread for many people about the thought and reality of growing older or old.  

I was inspired to blog about this after watching a stunning documentary on You Tube by a French Film Maker called Anthony Chene. His work is pure balm for the soul. 

There is no need to say anymore as his interview with John Butler shows the absolute beauty of wisdom in the form of this stunning man. Becoming older and developing wisdom, gratitude and love of life like Johns is something to aspire to...even something to look forward to!!

Here is the link to this wonderful interview 

Loving Ourselves

31st May 2021

Whilst doing plenty of inner work during the last lockdown and beyond I was inspired by Felicity Warner's wonderful book called Sacred Oils. 

Rose oil was chosen by Felicity as one that inspires love; learning to love yourself and your inner child.

Many of us associate roses with love and Felicity emphasises the amazing healing qualities of this aromatic oil. Not only does rose oil heal hearts and souls it also helps us to make sense of our grief and open our hearts that little bit further.

There are beautiful beliefs surrounding the scent of roses such as angels and holy figures being present when this stunning aroma hits our nasal passages.

In the words of Felicity Warner 'One of the most profound, beautiful and simple lessons that rose teaches us, is how to connect with love.'

So treat yourself to some good quality rose oil and put a few drops in the bath or treat yourself to a stunning bouquet of roses as a feast for your eyes, because you are absolutely worth it!!

Or book in at Blueberry Hill Therapeutics and I can create a rose centred blend for your aromatherapy treatment.

Finding ourselves again

18th April 2021

I know that I am not alone in having gone through some dark moments during this last lockdown. My heart goes out to all of you who have lost a loved one during this past year or so.  I have found myself with some personal upheaval and life changes that have made me question everything in my life. 

Sadly a Wispa Gold habit does not ease the pain of loss in which ever form it takes. 

A wonderful spiritual woman called Suzanne Giesemann has coined the phrase 'hurt people hurt people.' This smacked me in the face and really brought home to me  how interconnected we all are. Just by noticing someone feeling sad or lonely, giving them a smile and taking the time to chat or asking them how they are, you will have created the perfect ripple effect. 

Why not cause a ripple today? (not the chocolate kind...although....!!)

Personal Training for Parkinsons Disease

13th August 2020

Imagine my joy when I discovered that there is a wonderful woman called Janette Dundridge in Holt who is a personal trainer for people with Parkinsons disease! Not only is Janette an expert on the symptoms of Parkinsons, she also knows through research that exercise is fundamental in keeping symptoms at bay and at maintaining mobility. 

Janette lists substantial improvement from her programmes in these areas:

Posture, flexibility, tremor, memory, depression, sleep, breathing, speech, strength and power, walking and many more.

I've already given Janette's details to various people and I will look forward to tracking their progress. Janette also does programmes remotely so you can do all the exercises from the comfort of your own home.

Good morning from gorgeous Norfolk

5th August 2020

It's only when you stop and soak up the beauty of nature that you realise just how amazing mother earth is. 

This is part of my early morning dog walk and like many others I feel so energised when walking in nature. Nothing seems to be so bad when I've had a walk with the gals.

Lockdown has enabled many more of us to stop and enjoy the local countryside, I just hope that this continues as some sort of normality returns.

I have found that more people are actively looking after their wellbeing and booking treatments here at Blueberry Hill. This is balm for my soul!!! So thank you to everyone who has booked a treatment in the past few weeks. I also can't wait to see those of you who are waiting a little longer.

Essential oils for Parkinsons Disease

24th July 2020

Parkinsons disease is a condition that is close to my heart as my gorgeous Mum suffered with it. Each individual journey with Parkinsons is unique but there are similar symptoms that can make life challenging. 

The muscle rigidity, tremors, stiffness and your body not doing what it always did can be painful, exhausting and frustrating. It can also be embarrassing when out and about.

Some people experience insomnia and 'pull the plug out' fatigue, which puts the mockers on doing fun things if you are still working, as it takes every effort to do your day job.

There has been research into Helichrysum and Frankincense essential oils, as they have been shown to reduce inflammation in the brain. Vetiver essential oil has been noted to reduce tremors. 

Frankincense, Cedarwood and Sandalwood essential oils are the most beneficial for rigid muscles.

Furthermore, Rosemary, Holy Basil, Niaouli, Cypress, Lemon, Fir and Tea Tree have been shown to release dopamine and hormones in the brain.

I'm just trialling a couple of balms on someone very dear to me with Parkinsons disease. One is to aid sleep with the added bonus of reducing inflammation and tremors (Frankincense and Vetiver). The other is to reduce pain in the limbs (Marjoram, Sweet Orange and Lavender).

I will keep you updated on the progress with these balms.

(Callaway, P (PhD,m CA); Aromatherpy and Neurodegenerative Diseases: Issues and Practices; 2018; Texas USA)


20th July 2020

This is Sean the Sheep who has been rescued from a life of rust and neglect. He will be roaming around Blueberry Hill looking all shiny and new for the rest of his days courtesy of David Darling Q.B.E, N.Y.P.D & D.A.D ( Dad made him look this good!!).

Corona proofed

19th July 2020

Well, I am ready for action. Please check out my corona virus guidance and the changes I've made beneath the Home button on this site.

(Do excuse the lockdown fuzzy hairdo :) This will be sorted shortly too!!)

Getting ready for reopening after corona virus lockdown.....wooo hoooo!!!

18th July 2020

Oh my goodness, I am so excited after 4 long months of being closed to the public to be finally opening my doors on Tuesday. I can't wait to see all of my clients returning and to be giving relaxing and uplifting treatments again. My purpose has returned!!!

As you can see from the pics, my therapy room has been revamped.

Herbology for your hens

16th July 2020

Those of you who know me will have realised my newfound love for my rescued chickens!!! They make me smile every day with their antics.

During the lockdown period my love of herbs and all things natural had me questioning how my hens would benefit. I found a wonderful site called Abundant Permaculture.

I had no idea that hens’ health could benefit from sprinkling parsley in their food or that pests and mites can be reduced by laying a bed of lavender in their nesting boxes!!! I have been trialling the lavender and the smell that greets you on egg collecting is glorious and so relaxing. The local rodent population will also avoid your chicken run if you plant mint around it.

This all equals happy hens :)