The impact of Coronavirus is being felt globally as I write this and my heart goes out to all those who have been directly affected by this devastating virus.

My lovely Blueberry Hill Therapeutics is currently taking a little holiday to ensure that we keep the local population of central Norfolk safe from this illness. 

I will keep you updated about when I am able to open again.

 I wish you all the best of health and to keep in touch with those you hold dear. It is tricky not to feel fear at times like this in our lives, but if you can rise above the anxiety then cherish this time and take back some precious 'you' time.

A Warm Welcome to Blueberry Hill Therapeutics 

Thank you for browsing my site and I hope that you will take some time to give yourself a special treat here at Blueberry Hill. I have been working towards my dre​am of enriching peoples health and lives through the various therapies and treatments that I have studied and practised over the years. My dream has arrived, so let me be part of your dream to nurture or find your balance and well being in both body and mind.

Quality at Blueberry Hill

Only pure essential oils are used in the aromatherapy blends that are made at Blueberry Hill. The companies I use for my essential oils use glass bottles where possible and only recyclable plastic when unable to use glass. They only ever send my products in recyclable packaging.  I also endeavour to always reuse my glass essential oil bottles when asked to make blends for my customers to purchase. 

I am currently trialling my own antibacterial foot wipes using a blend of oils. I will be washing and reusing 100%  bamboo cloths (to reduce landfill) and eliminating any potentially harmful chemicals from being absorbed into the skin of the feet when using manufactured wipes. I feel that this will enhance the massage experience and it sits nicely with my belief that the largest organ of the body (the skin) needs to be properly nourished and cared for.

Gift Vouchers Available 

There are very few gifts as memorable as a treatment here at Blueberry Hill Therapeutics!! So why not treat your loved ones to an experience that will bring smiles and amazing physical and mental health benefits.

You can either pay for the entire treatment or make a contribution towards one.

Telephone: 01362 861429 or 07874 262049 to purchase a voucher today.